HP Spartacote

HP Spartacote

HP Spartacote has many different colors and options for its Quartz & Chip Applications. To see the different variations of concrete chip and concrete Quartz that Minster Concrete Coatings offer please click on the links below.

HP Spartacote: Sparta-Chip Color Blends

HP Spartacote: Sparta-Quartz Colors

SpartaFlex is a polyaspartic floor coating, made by HP Spartacote. SpartaFlex is a two-component polyaspartic concrete coating. It is fit for exterior and interior uses. The Spartcote formula gives floors remarkable durability, color/gloss preservation and is suitable for all climates. SpartaFlex’s two-part system creates a chemical reaction which hardens and preserves the material. SpartaFlex floor covering is a superior choice for commercial, industrial and residential floors.


Minster Concrete Coatings HP Spartacote

Benefits of Spartaflex

  • It takes only a One-Day Installation with Next-Day Return to Service
  • It has 3x More Abrasion Resistance than Epoxy & Urethane Systems
  • Low Temperature Application (down to -30º F)
  • 100% UV Clear with Excellent Color & Gloss Retention
  • Will Never Fade, Yellow, Chip or Peel
  • USDA & FDA Approved
  • Walk-On in as little as 1-2 hours
  • Layout flat with no roller marks or bubbles
  • One to multiple coats
  • Incorporate Traction Additive as Necessary

Common Uses

  • Commercial Flooring
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Pool Decks
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Walkways
  • Food Preparation

Durability & Efficiency / Sustainability


  • Up to 3 times More Abrasion Resistant than Epoxy
  • 100% UV Clear and UV Stable Pigmented Coatings
  • Excellent Color and Gloss Retention, no Yellowing
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance
  • No Hot Tire Pickup Versatility
  • All Climate Application down to -30º F
  • Low and VOC Free Blends Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Projects
  • Flexible
  • USDA and FDA Approved
  • Broad Range of Finishes and Systems to Suit Numerous Applications

Efficiency / Sustainability

  • One-Day Complete Installation
  • Rapid Cure Times: 30 minute pot life with 1-2 hour walk on time
  • Next-Day Return To Service
  • Rapid Set Concrete Repair Products
  • Dramatically Reduced Facility Down Times

More Information

A Proven Track Record of Performance
With applications spanning thousands of projects worldwide,
HP Spartacote® strives every day to remain on the cutting edge
of Polyaspartic coating technology.
Our patented polyaspartic formulations remain the foundation of our
product offering. Fully tested in accordance with ASTM standards,
HP Spartacote® products provide superior performance with tremendous
versatility and productivity. A comprehensive platform of flexible and
in-depth training options ensures that all applications conform with
manufacturer’s specifications and are tailored to the precise
requirements of each project.

Green Friendly
As a member of the US Green Building Council, HP Spartacote® is
dedicated to employing sustainable systems that incur less waste and have
minimal impact on the environment. While not only allowing for potential
LEED credits to be earned, our low and no odor VOC-free coatings are
suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Cost Savings
HP Spartacote’s® impermeable and anti-microbial surface makes floors
easier to maintain. Incur lower application costs with fast cure times
and reduced down-time.

Enhance Your Image
100% UV clear top coats and UV stable pigmented coatings provide
for a rich and long lasting finish that will not fade, yellow or peel.

Adhesion is Key to Our Performance
A fundamental component to HP Spartacote’s® performance has and
continues to be its adhesion to concrete and steel. The unique ability
of our products to effectively absorb into the substrate
allows for both chemical and mechanical
bonding within the pores of the material.